J’ai rêvé sous l’eau par Hormoz

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J’ai rêvé sous l’eau – I Dreamt Under Water
Pictures below is the main protagonist Hubert Benhamdine.
J'ai rêvé sous l'eau Hubert Benhamdine Hormoz Film Francais aindreas-vom

The quality of photography by Hormoz stands out, His direction a match for the full bodied story co-written by Philippe Arrizabalaga. Hubert Benhamdine the main protagonist is on cam prob 98% of the film, uncompromising, honest and that ends my review -  there’s not too much ..I want to give away [sure to shock some]..simple story well executed, get the dvd.

Great music provied by David Kelly, Plastikman (below), Virgin Prunes, Complot Bronswick, Superpitcher,

and Killing Joke

The movie’s poster looks impressive and likewiase to my screenshot shows a scene et le raison d’etre…

Below; I Dreamt Under the Water Movie Poster (11 x 17 Inches – 28cm x 44cm) (2008) German Style A -(Hubert Benhamdine)(Caroline Ducey)(Christine Boisson)(Hicham Nazzal)

J’ai rêvé sous l’eau – I Dreamt Under Water by Hormoz aindreas-com